Reliable and Fast



Patent research is project based, and professional search tools should be, too. Most patent research needs don’t justify the high costs of annual seat subscriptions. Limestone allows users to pay for access and results only when they need them.



We tested Limestone on 7.5 years of District Court and PTAB Invalidity Determinations. Limestone uncovered the cited invalidating prior art references in 401 of the 440 determinations using only the patent-in-suit as the input query. Results took 1-4 minutes per case to generate.




Limestone does some of the heavy lifting for you. It just so happens that the heavy lifting that takes hours and hours with traditional tools and techniques, takes less than 5 minutes on average with Limestone.



High Yield

Researchers who use Limestone uncover more responsive references AND are more engaged throughout the project. The Limestone-built corpus is concentrated enough to allow researchers to discover more of the on-point references during the time they spend reviewing results. Moreover, high yield results are simply more engaging to researchers and the more engaged the researcher, the better the results can be.