We tested Limestone in all technology areas against 7.5 years of District Court and PTAB Invalidity Determinations for Anticipation/Obviousness Limestone uncovered the cited invalidating prior art references in 401 of the 440 determinations using only the patent-in-suit as the input query. Results took 1-4 minutes per case to generate using our Instant Validity Report (IVR) engines.



We examined how well Limestone did within each Determination Limestone uncovered every single prior art reference cited in 70% of the Determinations. In the remaining partially matched Determinations, Limestone found, on average, most of the prior art references cited by the District Court/PTAB in its decision.



We evaluated Limestone’s hit rate across all prior art cited in the Determinations. Limestone found 81% of the almost 1,200 invalidating prior art references using only the target patent and one iteration through the IVR engines. We also found significant evidence of highly relevant references either not known or not used by the parties/courts.